It has been a while since I last put together a blog post, so let’s catch you all up to speed on me…

So far this fall, I have broadcast 20 collegiate soccer games at the DIII level, between Johns Hopkins and Stevenson University. When all is said and done, I will have broadcast over 30 soccer games at the end of the fall.

Broadcasts streamed through Johns Hopkins can be viewed on HopTV and broadcasts at Stevenson are streamed through the Mustangs Sports Network.

I am the play-by-play broadcaster for all four soccer teams (men’s & women’s) and do not have a color analyst with me in the booth.

Not having a partner on the air has its challenges. It essentially means I am filling 90 minutes (not including halftime or overtime periods) of airtime on my own and fulfilling the analyst’s role.

On doubleheader days, I barely have a voice. HOWEVER, I have honed my craft this fall and have vastly improved my delivery.

One thing both universities have given me the flexibility to do is build my social media brand during broadcasts.

During games, I hop on Facebook and/or Instagram to go live so my followers get a glimpse of what it’s like for me in the booth. It gives people a behind-the-scenes look into the broadcast.

Another fan-engagement strategy I practice during broadcasts is posing game-related questions to the viewer. I have seen an increasing amount of engagement and involvement on Twitter, specifically. Not only does this reassure me people are actually listening, but it also sets a tone for the broadcast and is a great piece of motivation to enter ‘lock-in’ mode.

‘Lock-in’ mode is what I call the state of mind I enter before a broadcast. It’s completely immersing myself into the game and the story lines surrounding the competition that given day.

As I move forward past the fall soccer season, my sights are set on landing play-by-play reps at a Division I institution.

If you or someone you know is looking for freelance broadcasters for the upcoming winter and spring collegiate sports seasons, please reach out to me at

Here are the dates for several of my upcoming broadcasts:

  1. Johns Hopkins women’s soccer vs. Swarthmore, 4 PM, 10/14
  2. Stevenson men’s soccer vs. Lebanon Valley, 7 PM, 10/17
  3. Johns Hopkins men’s soccer vs. McDaniel, 7 PM, 10/18
  4. Stevenson men’s soccer vs. Lycoming, 7 PM, 10/20

Johns Hopkins soccer can be live-streamed for FREE here:

Stevenson soccer can be live-streamed for FREE here:

Stay up to date with me on Twitter and Instagram @BobTrosset – thank you!