Rio 2016 Bound

Rio 2016 Bound

On May 12th I turned the page on my junior year of college at Loyola University Maryland and headed north to Albany, New York for what I felt would be an unpredictable 9.5 weeks at home leading up to my internship with NBC at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

My business partner and life-long friend Pat agreed that we’d return for our seventh consecutive summer running Pat & Bob’s Lawn Care – something we started as teenagers without driver’s licenses. We set an ambitious goal for ourselves in terms of what we thought we could collectively bring in and we were able to meet it.

Now, with my clock ticking rapidly, I’m gearing up for a month-long adventure in a foreign place. The pinnacle of sport. The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

So much has been said about this summer’s Games over the last year and the media has certainly had a field day with controversial and serious topics such as the Zika virus, unsanitary waters and instability in the Brazilian government. Despite these challenges, the Games must and will trudge on.

Coming off a year where I spent the fall semester of 2015 traveling throughout the continents of Europe and Africa while taking classes in my host city of Madrid, I feel like I’m in a good position to adapt to Brazilian culture and be an asset to my NBC team in anyway possible during our stay.

As a TODAY Show Runner, I’m one of 12 interns from countries like the United Kingdom, Brazil and the United States. Although I don’t have a great idea as to what my daily tasks will be, I’m ecstatic about the opportunity and willing to do whatever it takes to make a difference. I plan to represent NBC with a great deal of pride throughout my stay and onward.

Follow along here to hear about my every move throughout the Olympics or you can find me on Twitter (@BobTrosset).



Wrapping up my Internship with Monumental Sports Network

Wrapping up my Internship with Monumental Sports Network

After a thrilling semester of commuting to Washington D.C.’s Verizon Center three days a week from Baltimore, I’ve officially completed my spring semester internship with Monumental Sports Network.

Wednesday was a day full of emotions. When I wasn’t running around helping set-up for the introduction of new Wizards Head Coach Scott Brooks, I found myself reflecting on how grateful I am to have been given the chance to learn from a unique group of consummate professionals.

There’s something about the nation’s capital that sparked the adrenaline in me each time I strolled out of Union Station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:40 a.m.

And what a day it was to walk out of the Verizon Center doors one last time. Former Oklahoma City Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks was introduced to the media for the first time as the newest top guy of the Washington Wizards.

Washington was buzzing. Brooks has enjoyed great success as a head coach in the NBA, and many feel he has the ability to lead the Wizards back to the playoffs. It was thrilling to be right in the middle of the slew of media members in town for the hiring Brooks.


Earlier on during my final day, I took a call from Root Sports on-air talent Rob King – a long-time friend of my aunt Karen’s. He was generous enough to give me 45 minutes of feedback on my broadcast reel, which he seemed to have watched thoroughly. Rob has seen great success in Pittsburgh and I really appreciate him taking the time to weigh in on some of my work.

As I go forth and officially lean closer and closer to referring to myself as a rising senior at Loyola, there’s no doubt I will cherish and utilize the advice, techniques and styles I had the chance to soak in during my time with Monumental Sports Network. My experience has created other opportunities for me in the area. Looking ahead, I have several broadcasting opportunities with DMVSTREAM.COM that will be good benchmarks for individual growth. Stay tuned.

I’d like to extend my deepest appreciation to the entire Monumental Sports Network staff. I can now call them family.


2016 DMVSTREAM.COM Nova Challenge Sideline Reporting

Every spring the DMVSTREAM.COM Nova Challenge showcases high school basketball seniors from Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington, Alexandria and Prince William at Marshall High School in Falls Church, Virginia.

During this year’s Nova Challenge, I worked as a sideline reporter during one of the two all-star games and dunk contest.

As I’ve mentioned often in my blog recently, this semester’s internship with Monumental Sports & Entertainment has been a blast. Commuting from Baltimore to the nation’s capital three times a week, soaking up a professional network environment in the Verizon Center and receiving invaluable advice from mentors along the way has been a major stepping stone from a personal growth standpoint.

Landing the sideline reporting gig would not have been possible if it wasn’t for a little casual LinkedIn research I decided to partake in just a mere three weeks ago.

B.J. Koubaroulis is the CEO of Synthesis Multimedia Productions and Founder of DMVSTREAM.COM. Kelsey Mizeur, who used to do camera work for B.J., has been a huge mentor of mine throughout the semester at Monumental. When I saw the mutual connection between B.J. and Kelsey on LinkedIn, I knew I had to capitalize on it and at least look further into it.

Kelsey was nice enough to shoot B.J. an email and, sure enough, by the end of the week I had a tryout as a sideline reporter at the Nova Challenge.

This got me thinking and it reaffirmed a major belief of mine, and many others. If I had applied through Craiglist or sent an email to B.J. without Kelsey’s assistance, I probably never would have even received a response. Kelsey was my ‘in’ and just another reminder that it’s all about who you know.

I haven’t been given a concrete answer as to what the outcome of the tryout is, but I like my odds going forward and am thankful to have been given the opportunity.

Take a look at some of the highlights from my day as a sideline reporter below:

2016 Broadcast Reel

2016 Broadcast Reel

Over the course of my semester-long internship with Monumental Sports & Entertainment, I have gathered many of the broadcasts I have conducted throughout the last eight months in order to craft my latest demo reel.

My reel highlights consist of my experiences interning in DC with Monumental Sports and Baltimore’s Fox 45. Additionally, there are several clips of a sports show I created in high school: Voices of Bethlehem. VOB allows me to bring in Bethlehem Central High School’s standout athletes for interviews on BCN-TV in my hometown of Bethlehem, NY. Lastly, there’s also a clip from the 2015 President’s Cup Showcase at Camden Yards that features a WLOY Loyola Radio interview of mine with Baltimore City Council President Jack Young.

Putting together my reel in a way I’m proud to share with others could not have been possible without the assistance of several members of the Monumental Sports staff. Lucas Lovett and Dan Nolan have gone above and beyond for me this semester and I can’t thank them enough for their generosity. I have certainly learned to appreciate the life of a busy professional in this business. Lucas and Dan always seem to set aside time to ensure I’m getting back what I put into this internship.

Last Friday, I went ahead and submitted my reel to be considered for the Jim Nantz Award, which honors the nation’s top collegiate sportscaster.

I’d appreciate your feedback or ideas. Check out my demo reel below:


2016 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament

2016 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament

The Nation’s Capitol is home to the 2016 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament at the Verizon Center for the first time in the history of its competition.


Today is my third day at the Verizon Center this week and it’s been an eventful one. Between the swarms of media, die-hard fans from across the country and beautiful March weather, the city has been turned upside down.

March madness has made its presence known.


Since the ACC tournament receives a large amount of media coverage, the Verizon Center has been crawling with professionals from ESPN and many other networks. By chance, I bumped into two of my favorite ESPN broadcast talents by the names of Doris Burke and Receive Davis.

Burke, a 1987 graduate of Providence College and the basketball program’s all-time leader in assists, is a current sideline reporter and color analyst for ESPN college basketball. Admirably, she was the first female analyst to call a New York Knicks game on radio and television.

On Monday, the day before the first round of the tournament, I had the chance to chat with Burke for five minutes. I couldn’t have asked for much more. She’s such a generous professional who remembers where she came from and how she landed where she is today.

Wednesday was second round action. Just before the Duke/NC State game tipped, I went over and introduced myself to Rece Davis who was sitting court side. Davis is the host of College GameDay and also appears on SportsCenter often as an anchor. Davis’s delivery, consistency and creativity have always impressed me the most about his skill set. It was an honor to meet a man I try and model myself off of.

14 teams made up the bracket on Tuesday. Just four teams remain: North Carolina, Notre Dame, Miami and Virginia. Needless to say, there’s a lot To look forward to. 2016 ACC Championship hardware is on the line…


Week Four at MSE

Week Four at MSE

After a short week (Wednesday, Friday) in the nation’s Capitol because of Presidents’ Day, I still feel it was a productive one. Being just south of a month into my internship at Monumental Sports & Entertainment, I’m now fully adjusted to the commute, city life and expectations.

Wednesday’s have become an all-out marathon for me since I started interning at MSE. I’ve been catching the 5:10 train from Union Station after a full day of interning and then sprinting to Reitz Arena to work Loyola basketball games. They don’t call it “Hump Day” for nothing, right?

Anyway, Wednesday’s main focus point was creating in-game timeout features for one of MSE’s sponsors – Enterprise Rent-A-Car. It’s purpose is to entertain the youth attending Capitals hockey games, so take a look at the featured question for players: What’s your ideal superpower? We had fun with it AND the players’ answers. You wouldn’t believe how many of the guys wish they could fly. The use of Adobe Premiere Pro was a major component to creating this project.

Lucas Lovett – an ’07 graduate of Elon University – has helped me gain a better understanding for the shortcuts and overall feeling of Adobe Premiere Pro. To my knowledge, he’s offered his assistance without being asked to do so. I really appreciate and respect his generosity, as he’s constantly under tight deadlines.

Friday was a busy day at the Verizon Center, being that it was just the second game back for the Wizards since All-Star break. Prior to the 7:10 tip-off, I sat down with Digital Correspondent Dan Nolan to learn how to put together the Wizards Fast Break segment – a two-minute preview for what fans should expect from the game based on past numbers and performances. This task was, by far, the most complex editing assignment I’ve tackled. With the use of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and ClipPro, Dan provided a helping hand in creating this Saturday’s (2/20) segment of Fast Break, which airs prior to the game. Details like sequence timing, graphics, color and importing proper footage all come into play when constructing Fast Break. I definitely struggled with the complexity of the assignment and pressure of being on the clock. The more reps I get, the more comfortable I’ll be moving forward.

In addition to this project, the Make-A-Wish Foundation invited 13-year-old Nick Colucia to a day of fun at the Verizon Center. Nick is battling kidney disease, but you’d never know it with his infectious smile and zest for life. My job was to basically help one of the editors film Nick’s experiences and capture as many special moments as possible. Here’s an SB Nation write-up that features one of my tweets from Friday:

Take a look at Nick sharing a moment with Wizards radio broadcasters:

After the Wizards convincingly beat the Detroit Pistons, Dan and I lugged equipment and his luggage (he flew with the team to Miami directly after the game) to court side in order to record his stand-up. It was important that I be efficient in setting up and breaking down the necessary supplies. It tends to get extremely chaotic once the clock hits zero. This is just part of the business! After Dan’s stand-up, we hurried into the Wizards locker room to interview player of the game Marcin Gortat. As an avid sports fan and especially of basketball, there’s truly nothing quite like being in the locker room of a professional team minutes after a big win. Moments like these are what make my internship at MSE truly special.

Dan, along with Lucas, has been so generous with his time he’s set aside for me. Being that he just recently graduated from Duke and is the youngest in the office, Dan travels with the team for every single road contest. This schedule can be chaotic. Just in the last week, Dan has been to Toronto, New York and directly after Friday night’s game he flew with the team to Miami. This is draining not only for the players, but for the coaching staff and media crew as well. With Dan, you’d never know he operates on a tight and demanding schedule. He’s a patient and generous young professional, who has taken me under his wing early on at MSE. Here’s Dan’s stand-up Friday night:


Lastly, here’s a look at Nick (far right) and his two younger siblings checking out the press conference room:


I loved getting to know the Colucia family. We’re all praying for Nick to pull through his fight.