Colonel/Professor Joe Winter

Colonel/Professor Joe Winter

Last week, I was a visitor to the Maryland National Guard just outside of Baltimore, Maryland.

Colonel and Civil Air Patrol member Joe Winter –  who just so happens to be a professor of mine at Loyola this semester – was kind enough to allow us to take a glimpse into his life.

As a graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas College, where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Management, Colonel Winter put his sports knowledge to use by helping to build an organization called Loyola SuperFans. The student-led group is dedicated to the promotion and publicity of the University’s Athletics program and the support of the student-athletes.

That said, Colonel Winter’s resume reaches much more than just sports.

Colonel Winter has traveled to Ghana and Singapore as an ambassador for Civil Air Patrol in the International Air Cadet Exchange. Ever since this experience, he’s had great influence in the local Maryland Wing hosting of international guests.

The planes featured in the pictures provided below just returned from fighting ISIS in Turkey. At any given time, Colonel Winter is prepared to fly a plane wherever necessary.

In addition to being a member of the Civil Air Patrol, Colonel Winter is an Air Force officer at the 175th Wing where he is assigned as the Wing Executive Officer.

I served as interviewer for fellow seniors Nick Robinson, Morgan Sandlas and Jenna Ertel, who will be editing and organizing the footage for their capstone class in video production.

I’m told the official video is expected to be released by late March or early April.

We owe a huge thank you to Colonel/Professor Joe Winter for his flexibility and generosity.

I look forward to sharing the story of a selfless, versatile and committed man.

Production crew (All Loyola Class of 2017): Nick Robinson, Morgan Sandlas & Jenna Ertel

My Swan Song

My Swan Song

Since my return from Rio and the 2016 Olympic Games, I’ve had an eventful beginning to my senior at and away from Loyola University.

Once a week, I make the trip to Fairfax, VA to host the PrepZone and QB Academy on These shows highlight top athletes, teams and plays in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia regions. CEO and Founder B.J. Koubaroulis brings a wealth of experience to the television business and I feel privileged to be working closely with him.

Here’s a snapshot of the QB Academy alongside 2010 All-Met Player of the Year and my analyst Michael Nebrich.


When I’m not attending classes or wearing my host ‘hat’, you can find me in my Media Production role for Loyola athletics. To ensure a Patriot League Network broadcast runs as planned, our team consists of a graphics controller, replay personnel, camera operators, on-air talent and a director. When asked, I’m comfortable fulfilling any one of these roles.

Here’s a snapshot (photo taken by Julia D’Agostino, Loyola senior) from a September volleyball match in my camera operator role.


If you’ve followed my blog before, you know I interned with Monumental Sports & Entertainment last spring in Washington, D.C.

The first week of September, I met Jumoke Davis – my former supervisor at Monumental – for lunch so we could both bring each other up to speed.

Riddle me this one: I walked away from that lunch with a part-time, paid position with Monumental up until graduation. This is a season-long commitment. I’m thrilled to be a part of the team.

Ironically enough, my first day was Wizards Media Day at the Verizon Center. It was a media frenzy.

I spent the majority of the day in the scrums grabbing sound from players and coaches. For the first time, I hopped on Facebook Live from Media Day. This is something I’ll make time for more often to give my network of friends a better idea of my day-to-day.

Check out a few snapshots from that busy day:

image image

image image image

Check out video from The PrepZone: Player of the Week: Athlete of the Week:

QB Academy with Michael Nebrich:

What’s ahead:

For now, I’ll continue to work in Washington two days a week and host in Fairfax on Wednesday afternoons. Once basketball season rolls around, I’m hoping to further my on-air role for Loyola athletics as sideline reporter and post-game/in-game interviewer.

Keep up with me on Twitter (@BobTrosset) and as always, thanks for the read.  (more…)

2016 Broadcast Reel

2016 Broadcast Reel

Over the course of my semester-long internship with Monumental Sports & Entertainment, I have gathered many of the broadcasts I have conducted throughout the last eight months in order to craft my latest demo reel.

My reel highlights consist of my experiences interning in DC with Monumental Sports and Baltimore’s Fox 45. Additionally, there are several clips of a sports show I created in high school: Voices of Bethlehem. VOB allows me to bring in Bethlehem Central High School’s standout athletes for interviews on BCN-TV in my hometown of Bethlehem, NY. Lastly, there’s also a clip from the 2015 President’s Cup Showcase at Camden Yards that features a WLOY Loyola Radio interview of mine with Baltimore City Council President Jack Young.

Putting together my reel in a way I’m proud to share with others could not have been possible without the assistance of several members of the Monumental Sports staff. Lucas Lovett and Dan Nolan have gone above and beyond for me this semester and I can’t thank them enough for their generosity. I have certainly learned to appreciate the life of a busy professional in this business. Lucas and Dan always seem to set aside time to ensure I’m getting back what I put into this internship.

Last Friday, I went ahead and submitted my reel to be considered for the Jim Nantz Award, which honors the nation’s top collegiate sportscaster.

I’d appreciate your feedback or ideas. Check out my demo reel below:


Voices of Bethlehem’s Spring Edition: Bethlehem Varsity Softball

Voices of Bethlehem’s Spring Edition: Bethlehem Varsity Softball

This spring’s edition of Voices of Bethlehem features Varsity Softball players Kaitlyn Rarick and Stephanie Konas, a junior and senior respectively.

Rarick has been a member of Head Coach Karen Gentile’s squad since the eighth grade and now, more than ever, she feels ready to assume a leadership role.

“I feel like now as a junior, it’s my job to be the supporter and help out the younger girls and make sure they’re comfortable,” said Rarick.

Konas recently made it official that she plans to take her game to the next level, furthering her academic and athletic career at Smith College in Massachusetts next fall. As excited as she is about the opportunity, she made sure to make it known that she’s fully concentrated on the Varsity year ahead and hasn’t forgotten some of the struggles the team endured just a season ago.

“To prove to ourselves that we’ve come so far, because it was a disappointing season last year, I think to beat Columbia would just solidify that the program is only going up from here,” said Konas.

Best of luck to Rarick, Konas, Coach Gentile and the entire Bethlehem Varsity Softball team in their upcoming season.

Full video here:

Did You Know Informational Interviewing Is A Thing?

Informational Interviewing is actually a thing. And there’s a good chance you may have conducted one before – perhaps not even knowing it.

Everyone’s been given the advice to cold call or set up a conversation via email with a professional in the field you’re aspiring to eventually make a difference in. But how many actually go out and muster up the courage to make that call? Who knows. Although these calls haven’t exactly transformed into a job on my end yet, they have certainly provided great opportunities to build a network and contact list.

For two years now, I have used outlets like LinkedIn, Twitter and email to reach out to professionals in the broadcast journalism and sports media field, in hopes of setting up a phone call for questions. In reality, somewhere north of 50 percent probably don’t even read my note. And that’s fine. I always try my best to acknowledge the life of a busy professional, who usually has a family on the side as well. Then, there are those professionals just starting out, who remember well what it takes to land that first job right out of college. I’ve received some of the most meaningful, in-depth feedback from professionals under 30.

It may take a little bit of luck on your side, but once you reach a comfort level with Informational Interviewing, it’s a great skill to have in your back pocket.

Professionals I reached out to and am lucky to have heard back from:

Jeff Idelson – President of the Baseball Hall of Fame – Cooperstown, NY. I reached Mr. Idelson through a family connection (via email) in Cooperstown and was lucky enough to be invited in to meet with him during the summer of 2014. He shared with me his journey from starting off in the Boston Red Sox concession stands to eventually becoming the President of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Nicest guy around. He then passed me along to a friend of his by the name of Brian Kenny – former ESPN anchor and current studio host for MLB Network.

Jeff Lantz – Minor League Baseball Director of Communications – St. Petersburg, FL. Mr. Lantz and I chatted on the phone during the fall of 2014 when he was the Manager of Media Relations for the Baltimore Orioles. He spent seven years with the O’s, but spent 11 years prior with the Triple-A Iowa Cubs of the Pacific Coast League.

Adam Amin – radio and sportscaster with ESPN and Sports USA Radio Network – Spirit Lake, Iowa. Adam is a young and rising talent in the sportscasting industry. He was nice enough to answer my LinkedIn message and we chatted over the phone during the summer of 2015. Coming out of Valparaiso University, Adam made the jump to ESPN in a hurry. He’s so active on Twitter, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. He was a play-by-play fanatic during college, which provided him with plenty of reps to make a broadcast reel out of. He stressed the importance of getting reps during our phone call.

Joe Davis – Sportscaster with Fox Sports and the Los Angeles Dodgers – Potterville, Michigan. Much like Adam, Joe is a young and rising sportscaster. Just recently, Joe was named to the 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers broadcast team. With Vin Scully’s retirement looming, Joe could be seen as his predecessor in LA. He set aside some time in August of 2015 to hop on a call with me. Joe made the decision to graduate Beloit College in under four years, in order to accept a play-by-play gig with a Minor League baseball team – a decision he does not regret in the slightest.

Here are the questions I asked during my interactions with the professionals mentioned above:

  • What did you do in college to ensure you landed a job post graduation?
  • Are there any sacrifices that you feel you make doing what you do?
  • Who have been some of your mentors along the way? And are you still in touch?
  • What’s your ultimate goal?
  • The biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome.
  • Would you be willing to critique my broadcast reel/resume?
  • How much time do you have to chat today? I don’t want to keep you from anything.
  • What’s the best way to keep in touch going forward?

One small detail that is easy to look past, but goes a long way is throwing a thank you card in the mail after a professional sets aside time for you. Even if you don’t have their address, shoot an email or Tweet their way expressing your appreciation.

Informational Interviewing may seem like a whole lot of effort in exchange for no guaranteed outcome. And more often than not, this might usually be the case. At the end of the day, it’s an easy opportunity to build your network, learn about your field and gain confidence in an interview setting.  Give it a try.

On my radar: Senior Golf Writer Jason Sobel; ESPN College Basketball Analyst Dick Vitale; NBC Sportscaster Al Michaels


Spring Semester Intern: Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Spring Semester Intern: Monumental Sports & Entertainment

This semester I will be interning for Monumental Sports & Entertainment in Washington. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I report to the Verizon Center – home to the Washington Wizards, Capitals and Mystics. Through one week, I’m thrilled with the experience.

Each morning my roommate Mateo and I wake up at the crack of dawn and commute via the Marc train from west Baltimore to Union Station. Then, from Union Station to the Verizon Center is roughly a 20-minute walk. As soon as I walked in through the Administrative Entrance on day one, I was greeted by our lovely secretary, Ruby. Ruby proceeded to introduce me to several people, as I waited in the lobby for my internship supervisor. Being that it was a rather hectic day because of set-up for a Bruce Springsteen concert that night, Verizon Center staff members were going a mile a minute. What an atmosphere to walk in on. Exactly what I’m looking for.

My biggest takeaway from day one: Meeting Executive Producer and Monumental Network talent Jumoke Davis. Jumoke also serves as Intern Supervisor, so I will work closely with and for him this semester. As he walked me up to HR, we ran into Bradley Beal – a young rising star on the Washington Wizards basketball team. I tried my best not to double take nor flinch. Being professional and keeping my composure is an important part of this semester’s internship, and also something that I will need to utilize throughout my career.

This past Monday (Day two) was a day primarily devoted to throwing together last minute pieces to a storyboard, so that Jumoke could then go and pitch the new Monumental Sports app to ownership. Adobe Premier Pro and Photoshop have both forced me to learn the art of editing and logging. Broadening my editing skills is the number one reason as to why I’m interning at MSE. Jumoke let us know the pitch went well and that further steps to launching the app will come soon. I expect to continue to have a role in this effort going forward.

Day three was without question one of the most meaningful days I’ve spent as an intern. Period. Monumental Network Digital Correspondent Dan Nolan took me under his wing and went out of his way introducing me to everyone in sight. Dan is a Duke grad who graduated fairly recently, so I really plan on learning from him and shadowing his daily tasks as much as possible. In this business, you often run into people who are too busy to look in the mirror. In other words, it’s a cutthroat industry that can squeeze every bit out of you. The way Dan treats me speaks to the kind of person he is and it’s hard to describe how much I appreciate it.

After Wizards morning shoot around, Dan had me hold the microphone during the media’s interview with John Wall. Here’s the action shot that Dan took (to my surprise!):

John is a star in the NBA and played his collegiate ball at Kentucky. With the league-leading Golden State Warriors in town, there was a sell-out crowd Wednesday night at the Verizon Center. Media outlets from all over the country were on the scene. There was a buzz in the city. I loved everything about it.

When the two-hour mark up until tip-off came around, all hands were on deck. Media personalities like Jay Bilas, Mike Breen and Doug Collins were all on the scene. I was a little kid in a candy store, but made sure I stayed within myself.

On the Marc train back to Baltimore, I must have reflected the entire time on what a monumental day it had been. A true reaffirmation that I’m pursuing a career that I feel to be stimulating, unpredictable and fast-paced.

I’m grateful for the opportunity at hand and am looking forward to what this semester has in store.