I want to begin my final post on #Rio2016 by sharing some of my thoughts I posted on Twitter and Facebook from the airport on departure day:

“My time is up. After a month and four days on the ground in Rio de Janeiro, I’m set to part ways with a city that has solidified its legacy in Olympic history.

Having the chance to team up with a group of NBC runners from the States, London, Australia and Rio is something I’ll forever cherish.

With endless amounts of doubt, backlash, and pad press surrounding this city and its people, Rio delivered and allowed for one of the most memorable Olympics yet.

I owe a huge thank you to NBC’s medical team and my aunt Karen Trosset for the care I received as I recovered from an unknown virus just two weeks ago.

Lastly, thank you to my network of friends, family and fans of the ‘Pinnacle of Sport’ for following along and supporting me during an experience I have felt so privileged and humbled to be a part of.”

I really am thankful to have met and worked closely with such a unique and versatile group of talented individuals. Here’s a cool shot of our wrap party on the beach:

full squad on set w. matt in background

I had the chance to attend Rio’s Closing Ceremony inside the world famous Maracanã stadium. Just 24 hours prior to the Ceremony, Brazil beat Germany to win the country’s first gold medal in men’s soccer. The host country certainly went out with a bang.

closing c

A cool moment as Rio passed the ‘torch’ to Tokyo – the sight of the 2020 Olympic Games:

passing off to tokyo

There truly isn’t a ‘bad’ seat in the place. Here’s a shot of the NBC section:

nbc squad at closing

On my last full day in Rio, I decided to venture off and try a hike I’d been itching to do. Pedra davea stands 2,769 feet tall, making it one of the highest mountains in the world that ends directly in the ocean. It took me over three hours to reach the top. The rain the night before created serious challenges during some stretches of the hike. Here’s the view that awaited me:

peering down at Rio

One of the best parts about traveling on your own is who you meet along the way, who you wouldn’t otherwise if you were in a group. Bryce (left) and Steven (right) just so happened to be hiking on their own as well. We took photos for each other at the top overlooking the entire city and teamed up on the way down the mountain. Bryce is a 26-year-old from California and Steven is 22 and from Colombia. Here’s your trio:


climber boys

Steven and I hit it off right away as I was able to speak in Spanish with him. I’d imagine it put him at ease, since he’s living with a host family during his time in Brazil and only speaking in English. I have a great amount of respect for him. That’s no easy task. Here we are. One of my favorite photos from the climb:

steve and I

There’s something to be said about the relationships you form with those you work under high-pressure, intense situations with. Our Runner and transport team was made up of people from Rio, the States, Australia and London. We spent long days in close proximity of each other. As you’d imagine, everything wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. However, at the end of our mission it was all smiles, and some tears. This was a special group who liked to have fun and get down to business when necessary. Here’s a look at our final dinner together:

dinner squad

The Olympics may have came and went but I’m pumped to be able to share all the stories from the last month with my family and friends. To those who followed along during my journey, I thank you! Hopefully there are more to come down the road. All the best…

rio 2016 sibs