Less than a week in to my South Korea trip, here is what’s been going on:

One 15-hour flight to Seoul, South Korea.

One two-hour block gathering all of our jet lagged NBC crew together in the midst of large Korean crowds upon arrival.

One three-hour bus ride from Incheon International Aiport to the site of the Winter Olympics — PyeongChang in Gangwon Province.

This was the itinerary set in place to reach PyeongChang 2018 from Washington, D.C.

The quick turnaround starting work the morning after arrival was worth it.

It’s not exactly beach weather on this side of the world, but these views still lured us on in:

PyeongChang is on the very edge of South Korea’s east coast, about two hours from Seoul by train (Seoul hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics).

Far, far away from the coastal area is the Alpensia Resort looking down over the entire town and beyond.

On our way up to the top of the mountain, we stopped by a beautiful part of town right outside of PyeongChang’s Olympic Stadium.

Korean workers were sculpting these massive blocks of snow while on top of a frozen river that runs right through the middle of town.

I’m hearing that the finished product is expected to be breathtaking and magical, but here’s how it looked during prep:

One of the unique things about the Olympics is the fact that every representing country has a ‘house’ for athletes to gather in and hangout throughout the Games.

Check out the Swiss wooden house:

I had to stop for a photo of this beautiful resort near Alpensia:

Bobsledding will take place within the Olympic Sliding Centre:

This is where Elana Meyers-Taylor (a George Washington University alumna) will compete in her third Olympics. Elana took home a silver medal in Sochi.

Once we made it to the top of the Alpensia Resort, this is what awaited us:

One thing PyeongChang 2018 is showcasing is its high-speed and universal WiFi.

Koreans are also taking pride in being technologically sound in 2018.

What says technologically savvy more than a hands-free selfie stick. My new Korean friends and me had to have a little fun:

Whenever I travel, I always make an effort to find things or places that are authentic to the country that is playing host to me.

I’ve found that street markets tend to do the trick, especially in Asia, where they are renowned.

This was just another classic case and truly gave the authentic touch I was looking for.

We ventured inside one of PyeongChang’s street markets to the smell of hundreds of Korean specialities.


Another popular activity in PyeongChang is the renowned Trout Festival where locals come out in numbers to ice fish.

Yesterday’s task was to scout out the festival for a potential video shoot once the TODAY Show goes live from the Olympics.

I’m cherishing every moment of this opportunity. There’s something contagious about the Olympic spirit.

We’re closing in on the start of the Games, which means I am ramping up the content I create.

Here are a few places you can find me going forward:

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7 days, 9 hours to the start of the Winter Olympics….