This semester I will be interning for Monumental Sports & Entertainment in Washington. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I report to the Verizon Center – home to the Washington Wizards, Capitals and Mystics. Through one week, I’m thrilled with the experience.

Each morning my roommate Mateo and I wake up at the crack of dawn and commute via the Marc train from west Baltimore to Union Station. Then, from Union Station to the Verizon Center is roughly a 20-minute walk. As soon as I walked in through the Administrative Entrance on day one, I was greeted by our lovely secretary, Ruby. Ruby proceeded to introduce me to several people, as I waited in the lobby for my internship supervisor. Being that it was a rather hectic day because of set-up for a Bruce Springsteen concert that night, Verizon Center staff members were going a mile a minute. What an atmosphere to walk in on. Exactly what I’m looking for.

My biggest takeaway from day one: Meeting Executive Producer and Monumental Network talent Jumoke Davis. Jumoke also serves as Intern Supervisor, so I will work closely with and for him this semester. As he walked me up to HR, we ran into Bradley Beal – a young rising star on the Washington Wizards basketball team. I tried my best not to double take nor flinch. Being professional and keeping my composure is an important part of this semester’s internship, and also something that I will need to utilize throughout my career.

This past Monday (Day two) was a day primarily devoted to throwing together last minute pieces to a storyboard, so that Jumoke could then go and pitch the new Monumental Sports app to ownership. Adobe Premier Pro and Photoshop have both forced me to learn the art of editing and logging. Broadening my editing skills is the number one reason as to why I’m interning at MSE. Jumoke let us know the pitch went well and that further steps to launching the app will come soon. I expect to continue to have a role in this effort going forward.

Day three was without question one of the most meaningful days I’ve spent as an intern. Period. Monumental Network Digital Correspondent Dan Nolan took me under his wing and went out of his way introducing me to everyone in sight. Dan is a Duke grad who graduated fairly recently, so I really plan on learning from him and shadowing his daily tasks as much as possible. In this business, you often run into people who are too busy to look in the mirror. In other words, it’s a cutthroat industry that can squeeze every bit out of you. The way Dan treats me speaks to the kind of person he is and it’s hard to describe how much I appreciate it.

After Wizards morning shoot around, Dan had me hold the microphone during the media’s interview with John Wall. Here’s the action shot that Dan took (to my surprise!):

John is a star in the NBA and played his collegiate ball at Kentucky. With the league-leading Golden State Warriors in town, there was a sell-out crowd Wednesday night at the Verizon Center. Media outlets from all over the country were on the scene. There was a buzz in the city. I loved everything about it.

When the two-hour mark up until tip-off came around, all hands were on deck. Media personalities like Jay Bilas, Mike Breen and Doug Collins were all on the scene. I was a little kid in a candy store, but made sure I stayed within myself.

On the Marc train back to Baltimore, I must have reflected the entire time on what a monumental day it had been. A true reaffirmation that I’m pursuing a career that I feel to be stimulating, unpredictable and fast-paced.

I’m grateful for the opportunity at hand and am looking forward to what this semester has in store.