It has been almost two months since I dove into the ‘real world’ and started my Admission Assistant gig at Loyola University Maryland. Considering I was a Student Worker in the Office of Undergraduate Admission during my four years, it has been a smooth transition from student to employee.

I feel lucky that while the majority of those in my graduating class are transitioning into foreign offices in unfamiliar environments, I am working alongside professionals who I consider to be family.

While I await my first “break” in broadcasting, I am overseeing Loyola’s tour guide program and assisting in the creation of a new culture and name of the organization: Greyhound Ambassadors. As a Greyhound Ambassador, you will serve as a representative who is asked to lead tours on campus, greet prospective students and their families, and provide direction to those in need.

Additionally, I am currently going through the training process to present information sessions and enhance the visit experience. This requires serious memorization of majors/minors offered, the admission process and ROI statistics. Although I have quite a bit of public speaking experience, using a Prezi as a tool takes time and patience to master. I hope to be behind the podium presenting the university I love before the end of July.

Not all of the last seven weeks have been smooth sailing. Living alone in a four-person townhouse (exactly where I lived senior year) with no neighbors has had its challenges. Sitting inside my very own cubicle hasn’t exactly been the most riveting thing ever. This is what it’s all about, though. I am making ends meet while I await my first gig in broadcasting.

I know what I’m getting myself into. I understand the cutthroat nature of the business. I realize just how fierce the competition is. And most importantly: I accept the harsh realities of the field and am confident in my abilities to make it to where I ultimately want to be.

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